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Job Overview
When competing with big businesses it is challenging for a small business to stand out in the marketplace. Small businesses don’t have the financial resources for large advertising budgets and other advantages that big businesses have. We’re looking for someone to help us implement some creative marketing solutions to stand out in the marketplace. In the world of on-line retailing, content is key. Having the right content—pictures, videos, and text—help to reassure customers and convert lookers to buyers.

Skills Needed

  • Interest in Fashion
  • Experience with Social Media
  • Desire to learn new things
  • Extensive knowledge of computers and the internet
  • Writing – Good grammar and creative writing abilities

More Detailed Job Duties

  • Help to develop and implement a consistent “voice” for the sites
  • Learn, learn, learn about the products we sell and make sure there is plenty of information on the sites and available to sales associates assisting customers
  • Change/Update Graphics on the site
  • Update our “favorites” and staff product reviews
  • Keep our “About Us” pages up to date
  • Read through fashion magazines and post pictures
  • Look for an effective way to incorporate videos on the sites
  • Incorporate social media into content marketing plan
  • Plan & Execute E-mail Campaigns
  • Manage traditional advertising channels (newspaper, etc.)
  • Plan in-store contests and events

Additional Information
Specific duties may depend upon skill level. This has been a part-time position, but there is full-time potential. Other office duties could also be included to increase available hours if desired.

How to Apply
Follow this link for an on-line application.